Wise and Wonderful Women

Wise and Wonderful Women


The "Wise and Wonderful Women" is a group of more than 2,000 New York City–based women who are interested in exploring ways to live their best life after 50. Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire each other through our private Facebook page and speaker series held in an exquisite event space in Hudson Yards.



Bringing accomplished, beautiful, funny, interesting, and simply fabulous women together feeds my soul. Our dinners allow our members to bond over a heart-healthy meal while listening to speakers who are top in their field. Each month, the topic is different, but you will always leave with new knowledge and feel inspired. These weekday gatherings are free of charge and sell out within 24 hours of the invitations going out.



A unique aspect of our events is the "bio" that we ask each attendee to write and send in with their reservation. The women are asked to share fun, personal, and professional snippets about their lives, as well as what area of the city they live in. The bios are compiled and sent out the night before the dinner, allowing us to see who is coming. Upon arrival, we hand out name tags. All of this serves many purposes: it allows us to feel more comfortable walking into a room of strangers, facilitates keeping in touch afterward, and even helps you find new friends to share a cab or a subway home with.



I am a proud, divorced mother of two awesome daughters who are fully launched. For the last 40 years, I have been one of Manhattan's top real estate brokers, fondly known as "Annie Gets it Done". The Wise and Wonderful Women grew organically out of my passion for bringing people together and a crazy ad that I placed in the NYC taxi cabs. In the video, I said I was "56 and fabulous" and looking for a great man who loved his mother but still didn't live with her. Google it; you will get a kick out of it! Even with 15,000,000 people seeing it worldwide, I haven't found a husband (yet), but the outpouring of support and encouragement from women across the country was extraordinary, and the idea for the Wise and Wonderful Women was born.


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